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a virtual cache around your favourite area

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H o k j e s g e e s t
The Dutch word 'h_o_k_j_e_s_g_e_e_s_t' means narrow-minded. Not nice. However here it is a play upon words. The Dutch word 'h_o_k' means also: something in the form of a square (mostly stays for animals...). The Dutch word 'g_e_e_s_t' means spirit. So you can see the combination of spirit and square as a special area. That's what this formerly virtual cache is: a perfect special tile area you may choose.

RD coordinates
The total area of the Netherlands is about 40.000 km2 of which 30.000 km2 land. The official Dutch society 'Rijksdriehoeksmeting' has made an official Dutch grid by drawing horizontal and vertical lines on the map of the Netherlands at distances of exactly 1 km and given them numbers: from 14 to 278 on the X-axe (W-E) and from 306 to 620 on the Y-axe (S-N).

The cache-box
The cache grid tiles measure 2 x 2 km, giving an area of 4 km2. Moreover: the grid tiles are only bordered by the ODD numbered lines. In this way there are about 10.000 possible cache grid tiles in the Netherlands. A lot of RD-grid stiles to choose from. You are allowed to choose a tile outside of the Netherlands. But please within a distance of 1000 KM from Amsterdam.

What must you do?
1. Select your favourite cache tile using this tool.
2. Write down the calculated WGS84-coordinates of the corner points.
3. Visit all 4 corner point to take a picture at those points/
On the picture must be your GPSr with the coordinates clearly visible.
(I will check the coordinates sharply).
4. Log your discovered cache tile (you will need the tracking code "MCK1PD"), log requirements:  a. Mention the id of the grid square you have found. E.g. "83/445".
 Preferable on the first line of your log
 b. Write a (short) story about this cache tile
 c. add the pictures to the log
 The id of the grid square is based on the lower left - south west - corner of your grid square.
Do not use a minus sign to separate the x and y coördinates (e.g. "23 − − 45" and "23 − 45" are not equal).
Zombi8! claimed his favourite square with the wrong id and
Pinky & Brain claimed the same square one day later with the right id. Zombi8! was not happy

Restrictive clause
    1. One cache grid square each person.
    2. A cache grid square may only be logged once.

You can
The connected verification file will be updated once every 3 month.
So check the logs after the last update to be sure there were no later claims om your favorite RD-grid square.

Of course it can happen, that you can not reach a corner because that is too difficult (i.e. in the garden of the Queen). That's no problem. Try to get as close as possible near your chosen corner point and tell in your log why you could not reach it.

My cache grid square
My favourite cache grid square is in Delft where I live, not because of its beauty, though I live there about 30 years now and feeling at home. The RD-coordinates of the corner points are: 83/447  85/447  83/445  85/445. At the corner point 85/447 I worked during 11 years (University of Delft). My cache grid square is a very crowded area of Delft with many high appartments. Many appartments for students (i.e. Krakeelhof next to my appartment). There is a railway Den Haag-Rotterdam, a tramway (Line 1 Delft-Scheveningen), an important shipping canal (Delftse Schie), also two interlocal highways: (Kruithuisweg and Prinses Beatrixlaan) and some local motor roads (Westlandse weg, Voorhofdreef en Buitenhofdreef). A great contrast compared to the snugly inner city of Delft. Here you see pictures taken at the corner points of my cache grid square. Click on it to see a bigger image.



N52 00.401
E004 20.313




N52 00.417
E004 22.061



N51 59.323
E004 20.338

(Van der Kamlaan)


N51 59.339
E004 22.119




Cache-grid squares in the Netherlands